Today is my birthday. 

I almost forgot because I’ve been so focused on securing reservations, researching how to travel in an RV, and studying the maps that I honestly forgot that today was my birthday until I looked at our itinerary yesterday.  What a way to spend your birthday!  However, it was 106 degrees today.  Even right now at night, it’s about 94.  It’s so incredibly hot here.  The good thing is that we have a river lot at the Zion Canyon RV Resort, meaning our RV backs right up to the river. Tyler and Casey LOVE being able to play in the river.  But Zion is absolutely breathtaking.  The colors of the cliffs and ridges are just beautiful against the desert. 

Zion is such a cute town.  There are tons of restaurants too.  Tonight, we ate at the Whiptail Grill.  It was outstanding. (But words of advice, the “Fire” Carne Asada is really spicy!) We were lucky to have Kerry’s brother Sean join us.  I hope I can come and visit Zion again when it’s not so hot.  We did manage to hike a little of the Narrows trail, but the next time we will make sure to rent those waterproof hiking boots that everyone but us had and hike the whole thing.  Zion National Park may very well be the most beautiful national park I’ve seen thus far.