Tonight is our last night in the RV.  The 2015 Forest River Forester provided us with many great memories, a few stressful moments, and all the comforts of home.  We are in Sikeston, Missouri tonight.  We have an almost-full moon overhead.  Thinking back to that first night 13 days ago in Pine Mountain, Georgia, when we weren’t sure of the hookups or how the slides worked or if the water filter would work to now…when everyone just knows what to do, brought a sly smile to my face.

Kirby and Casey hooking up the sewer all by themselves

Tonight, without me yelling or stressing out, we all work together as a team to set up camp.  Kirby and Casey did the hookups all by themselves—even the sewer.  Cameron and Tyler walked the dogs.  I got out the carpets, chairs, tables, and lights (and set up the tripod for our family picture).  Kerry made sure all the hookups were correct and the RV was secure and level.  In about 10 minutes we had our campsite all ready to go. 

It’s funny about RV parks. When you arrive, all the other RVers will just sit and watch to see how you pull in or back in and how well you can set up your site.  There were a few nights where I’m sure onlookers were laughing at our inexperience and cringed as I was yelling at the boys to hurry up and put on their shoes.  But tonight, there was a group sitting outside their campers watching us pull in and set up everything. Man, we looked like professionals.  I smiled to myself and thought what an adventure we have had and how much we have learned in 13 days.  Are we ready to get home? Yes.  But are we are glad we are in Missouri tonight, in an RV.  Absolutely!  Am I sad that this adventure is over tomorrow?  Yes. Very.