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Author: kerrymckelvey

Grand Canyon!!! We have arrived!

Sunrise over the Grand Canyon

We made it! After 6 days, 6 different RV Resorts, and over 2,000 miles, we finally arrived at the Grand Canyon. Great RV Park with elk casually walking through our site. J.J., Gypsy, Bella, and I got up for the 5:11am sunrise. We’ll worth the early wake up. Last time I visited the Grand Canyon, I was 18 years old and headed to California for my Freshman year at college. I showed everyone where I hiked the Bright Angel trail back in 1979. Great time at Grand Canyon and next stop Zion National Park!

Horseshoe Bend

On the way from Gallup, NM to the Grand Canyon, we took a brief side trip to Horseshoe Bend. About 5 miles below Lake Powell, the Colorado River curves around the rocks and forms a horseshoe. We got out of our RV for the 3/4 mile walk and noticed it was about 110 degrees. We left the dogs in the air conditioned RV and all hiked out to the overlook. The view was stunning, and we could see kayakers on the river. Well worth the hike, even in the heat. Gypsy and Bella thanked us for leaving them in the cool RV. Off to the Grand Canyon!

E.T. Phone Home!

Got a little behind with my blogging, but wanted to share our alien experience in Roswell, NM. Great RV park next to an Alfalfa field, which made me think of the Little Rascals. We ventured over to the International UFO Museum and Research Center. Very cool museum and picked up lots of alien swag. Off to Gallup, NM

Pooper’s Full

One of the most delightful parts of RV life is hooking up the sewer hoses and dumping the gray water (shower/sinks) and the black water (aka poop). All three boys are taking turns helping with this fun task. Most important things to remember are to make sure the hose is connected securely and black water first, gray water second. Or is it gray first, black second…until next blog, Yours Truly, Cousin Eddie