It’s 11:55 AM. I’m sitting here somewhere in the middle of Texas. We left San Antonio this morning around 9:00 AM. With an RV filled with 5 people and two dogs, we travel about 45 miles an hour including all the stops. We try to stop every couple of hours to walk the dogs and get gas. We get about 9 mpg. This morning we are trying to hold off running the generator (the generator runs the AC in the RV). When we run the generator, we go through gas much more quickly. But when it’s 95 degrees, we don’t care.

The boys have been great. Oh, we’ve yelled and argued for sure. But we all make up quickly and don’t let it ruin our day. This morning, I swore to the boys that I was going to take away their phones for three days!!! But then they said, “Well, you’re on your phone.” Well played, boys. Well played.

At the moment, everyone is very happy playing on our phones and laptops. Some playing Clash Royale and some blogging away. This is a long trip, so for now, I’m picking my battles.

My husband Kerry is a rock star. He’s a natural driver. He has driven the past 3 days. I asked this morning if I could help drive today, so he wouldn’t get too tired. He said, “No.” I love him for that. But for the record, I can drive, but I respect my husband too much to argue with him. (And if anyone really knows me, you will hear the sarcasm in my voice.)

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RVing with a spouse is a whole other dynamic and quite frankly, a minefield for arguing. You really have to trust each other…and forgive each other daily, if not hourly. Neither of us are experts at this. At times each day we become stressed and can lose our cool with each other. But the best thing about Kerry is that he is easy going and things quickly roll off his back (quicker if he has food or a cold beer). And typically, in a few minutes we will “hug it out” and move on to the next task.

Quick note…I just asked my oldest son Kirby to start up the generator so we can start the air conditioner. (It’s like a sauna right now.) He just got up and clicked all the switches and voila, we have AC. It’s cool to see how quickly kids can adapt to a new situation. Three days ago, we were terrified of the generator.

We are starting day four of our trip. Every day we learn more and adapt to living and traveling in a motorhome. Everyone we meet at the RV parks are extremely welcoming and helpful. If you ever get fed up with America and think our country is on the verge of collapsing, just go to an nice RV park. You will realize that there are amazing people ready to help their neighbor and just beautiful places in the country to explore. Next stop, Roswell, New Mexico, 366 miles to go.