Yesterday was a long day of driving in the intense heat. The temperature was 102 at one point in West Texas. Around 3PM, we got gas at a Loves truck stop in Pecos, Texas. It was so hot that we had to carry the dogs to the dirt section because the pavement was so hot. Pecos was like an oven—a hot, dusty, ugly oven. And to make matters worse, our generator stopped working the last 150 miles of our trip. (Yep, it was quite warm in the RV.) But after reading a couple of websites and later talking some guy from Houston at our RV park in Roswell, NM, it seems that it’s common for generators to automatically turn off when it’s extremely hot. But the boys were great, as we all took turns sitting in the passengers seat to enjoy AC from the front of the RV. Hopefully, today we will not sweat too much because we have a shorter trip.

This morning was cooler, thankfully. Our RV is backed up to a beautiful alfalfa field. We woke up to birds chirping and the sound of roosters crowing. Now we are about pack up and head in to town to grab breakfast and visit the International UFO Museum and Research Center!